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Jello, people, do you miss me?

I just have a lot going on. Working full time at weird hours, and editing my newest novel, which is almost done… so now I need to start doing the cover art… and I am going to do that right … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, beginning the editing process on my newest novel…

One of the things I am going to do while I am in the Bay Area vising my mom, is to start editing my newest novel: The Seven Kingdoms. (You can read a large portion of it, unedited, under the … Continue reading

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The Seven Kingdoms… chapter forty two…

(Author’s commentary): Well, here it is, the last chapter I am going to share on the blog. And it is a good one. Nothing like adding a little humor right before the final battle of a war to save a … Continue reading

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Please read this now!

No, this isn’t another cynical, shameless post to try to lure new bloggers to my blog, I really need some help. I just found out that my daughter has finished formatting my newest novel… the murder mystery set in World … Continue reading

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Anybody interested in doing a little editing?

I am trying to self-edit the third book in my action/adventure/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles. The very first chapter is giving me problems. It is the one that contains an alien that learned to speak English by listening … Continue reading

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And now, the world’s first group editing project…

(or): A contest to see who can spot the most problems with my writing so I can figure out which of you is going to get the honor of editing my murder mystery for free… Hey, if we have fun, we … Continue reading

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Another brilliant idea…

… that I almost thought of all by myself… (or): A contest… that offers no prizes and will work out much better for me than for you… ————————————— So you know how I just did that post asking one of … Continue reading

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