New York City… day 3… part 14… a drunk blogger with a head full of crack squirrels and a camera, what could possibly go wrong?… part 1…

a 1

Oh yeah, let the consumption of adult beverages begin! As evening fell, my wife and I met our daughter Jessica and our son-in-law Jason at a fancy place called The Aviary. They had been working. We had been all over Manhattan.

a 2

There were many fancy, overpriced drinks served and enjoyed.

a 3

My main adult beverage involved fancy booze in a round bottle with a ship in it, and a candle.

a 4

You heard me. A glass boat, floating in a fancy drink inside a glass bottle… and a candle.

a 5

So this guy comes to the table and sprays some smoke-extract stuff inside a drinking bowl, and uses the candle to light the smoke stuff on fire.

a 6

Then, he pours my drink into the still smoking bowl filled with smoke-flavored smoke.

a 7

Then, I drank from the bowl.

a 8

And I swished the smoke-scented beverage around in my mouth.

a 9

I and the crack squirrels living in my cranium were pleased.

a 10

Oh, there were also some light snacks.

a 11


a 12

Uh huh.

a 13

Well, guess what…

a 14

It turns out that fancy, overpriced adult beverages get you just as drunk as the cheap ones do. So, the rest of the pictures of the last day of our three-and-a-half-day New York adventure might be a little weird… even for me.


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