The adventure… part 13; Moro Bay and some otters… part 1…

I love otters. My only regret is that this time I didn’t get to Moro Bay when all the pups were little. They sleep on their moms’ tummies, and when the waves gently rock them, it is the most adorable thing ever.

I used to think that they wrapped themselves in the kelp to keep warm. But I have a new theory, which I will share soon.

Moro Bay has this huge rock out on the end of a point. It looms over the whole area, and is covered with nesting sea birds of all types. For scale, you can see cars parked along the bottom front of the rock.

I mean that rock really looms.

Okay, my new idea is that the otters wrap themselves in the kelp to keep from drifting away from their friends while they sleep. It also probably hides them from sharks. Somebody should Google that.

Moro Bay is also where that crazy seagull kept swooping at my head, which is how I got three awesome pictures of it.

There are so many birds in Moro Bay that it has become a birding hotspot.

It is chock full of nature.

Let us pray!

I also took some of those flower pictures here.

Fancy lizard.

Boat dog.

But mostly, it is the otters.

Face washing time.

That guy is having a snack. More on that later. Oh, I also saw a cormorant bird dive down, and then come up beside an otter and peck it before darting away to dive again. Oh, nature.


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2 Responses to The adventure… part 13; Moro Bay and some otters… part 1…

  1. I don’t think I ever knew about that rock. I noticed it in some of your previous photos and wondered if it’s some kind of landmark.

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