The adventure… part 14; Moro Bay and some otters… part 2…

This little otter is having lunch. I sort of fell in love with him… her…

He appears to be eating a scallop. Frankly, scallop, I don’t give a clam!

But what was really endearing about this otter…

Was the way that the gentle current was spinning him slowly around as he ate.

It was so cute.

Now, I know otters will put a flat rock on their tummies, and use it to crack open shellfish by banging them on the rock. What I didn’t know about otters is that they seem to be strangely synchronized. I saw this small raft of otters sleeping in the boat harbor. They were still there, sleeping, anchored by the seaweed, a few hours later after I had wandered around town taking more pictures.

Then, they woke up at the same time, and started cleaning. They started off scrubbing their faces.

Then they did their back feet.

Then they did their faces some more.

They have to keep that fur clean to insulate them from the cold water. They also did synchronized rolling around to get wet, before more cleaning. I think I have a video of that which I will share next.


Then they all went back to sleep.

Moro Bay is sort of magical. If you want to rent various types of boats and kayaks, they have you covered.

There is a lot of nature to see.

But in the morning, it was time to move along. Which we will do… right after I post that ottter video.


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2 Responses to The adventure… part 14; Moro Bay and some otters… part 2…

  1. There are giant otters in the Amazonian region. They grow to nearly 4 ft. in length. I believe otters are what people see when they think they’ve spotted some Loch Ness-type of creature.

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