Random photos of me in random locations interacting randomly with random objects…

a 1

Yes, these are just more of the photos that my daughter and I took on our recent overnight outing to see flowers and snow.

a 2

In fairness to me, most of these are not selfies. Mollie took them…

a 3

In fairness to Mollie, I made her take most of them that she took… hey, we all know nobody loves me more than me.

a 4

And I never like to waste an even half-way good photo… especially if it is of me.

a 5

But the point is that we had an awesome two days together… I mean Mollie and I, not that plastic prospector… wait, is it just me, or would ‘Plastic Prospector’ be an awesome name for a band, or maybe a sci-fi book title?

a 6

Wooden Grizzly would be a stupid name for anything… but how about ‘The Awkward Pose’?

a 7

And yes, I am still growing my hair out after my self-inflicted bad haircut.

a 8

And yes, thank you for noticing, I have lost a few pounds.

a 9

Oh yes, the awe-inspiring majesty that is a bad haircut.

a 10

So come and visit me in California. Enjoy the snow, and the flowers, the beaches…

a 11

Meet the wooden grizzlies, and the plastic prospectors, not to mention the giant plastic roosters.

a 12

I will be looking for you.


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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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10 Responses to Random photos of me in random locations interacting randomly with random objects…

  1. List of X says:

    I have to say, you got more snow and more flowers – at the same time – than we do in our cold and non-desert Northeast.

  2. kunstkitchen says:

    WE have same crazy roadside stuff here too. The chicken is one of them then there Paul Bunyan and babe the Blue Ox. Ha! Nice haircut.

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