Oh, California…

a 1

Okay, you caught me…

a 2

Yes, this is a photographic tribute to my home state…

a 3

But mostly it is just more of the photos from my recent trip with my daughter to see some wildflowers and play in the snow…

a 4

Interspersed with some more of my leftover pictures I took when I was in the Bay Area for Christmas, and my mom and I drove up into the Berkeley hills to watch the sunset over San Francisco.

a 5

I mean, this does do a pretty good job of capturing the beauty of California.

a 6

And shows off how California has something for everyone… from deserts to mountains, beaches, forests, culture, fine dining…

a 7

What’s not to love?

a 8

Plus, it has me… so… uh… yeah…

a 9

See, look, there I am, right there…

a 10

Hey, I’m not saying that where I live is better than where you live.

a 11

I have no way of knowing that for sure.

a 12

But, unless you come to California, and spend a few years getting to know it, you can’t really know either, now can you?

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