I’m not sure if you understand how much effort my dog put into eating my books…

a 1

So, here they are, the very first copies of my novels that I sent for from the company that does my self-publishing. The first version I can hold in my hands. I order one copy to do a final edit read-through, and to look for formatting errors. Notice that these three books only have the front AND rear covers torn off. Then, some of the covers were lightly chewed, while others were ripped to small shreds.

a 2

Here is my first copy of the last book in my action/humor science fiction series. It is neatly opened to the middle, and a few pages were torn out.

a 3

Flip it over, and the covers are intact.

a 4

And here, in a box, are the bits and pieces of my books… the small ones.

a 5

I remind you what my office looked like when I came home the other day.

a 4

I was not a happy camper.

a 5

Here is the shelf he pulled the books from. The arrow shows where they were. He didn’t get to my children’s books. I am happy about that. He stopped at a copy of a compilation of short stories done by many authors, of which I am one, that was put together by a blog friend of mine. The dog had plenty of choices if he wanted to eat some books.


I remember when he was a puppy. Even then, he didn’t eat my books.

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10 Responses to I’m not sure if you understand how much effort my dog put into eating my books…

  1. weggieboy says:

    Everyone thinks he’s a critic! (Or dog…) What a mess. I hope you are able to put things back in order.

  2. The Count Gustaf says:

    HAHAHA THIS IS SO CUTE AND SO HILARIOUS (I’m sorry) but I love the way you’ve written this hahahaa

  3. Like I said earlier, he’s trying to tell you something, Art. My late mini schnauzer managed to stay away from books I used to have within his reach. But he did attack the usual subjects: footwear and carpets. Then I got him some rawhide bones, and he didn’t bother anything else again. So, get your dog some rawhide bones, Art. And keep a couple for yourself, like I did!

  4. Ahhh! Ughhhh! My lab grabbed my neon stack of post-its and flung them about today. My leather boots are in for repair, if possible, for the right heel she shredded. So sorry for your books!

  5. Julie says:

    He didn’t mean it. Obviously he loves your books!

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