San Francisco, the light side and the dark side, the high and low, and the many moods of the mysterious Lady by the Bay…

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Okay, so I got carried away with the title. I could have gone with: San Francisco, from two points of view, or something like that. But the title sometimes lures unsuspecting victims into the clutches of my blog… so… yeah…

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What this is is a post about looking out over the San Francisco Bay at the city and some other stuff, from almost sea level, and way up in the hills above Berkeley… at two different times on the same day.

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You get to see the Golden Gate, back-lit by a beautiful sunset, from high above…

a 3



And in afternoon sunlight, from the water’s edge.

a 5

You get to see Mount Tamalpias from above, in the late afternoon glow.

a 6

And gaze up at her from sea level.

a 7

Alcatraz Island, the famous prison of yesterday, from the hills.

a 8

And from much farther down in elevation.

a 9

There is this thing that I used to do… I still do try to do it, when I am in the Bay Area, and people come from out of town. I take them, in the late afternoon, down to the Berkeley Marina, to see the view. Then, we hop in the car, and rush up into the hills, the catch the sunset…

a 10

One minute, you are a Cheerio, floating in the milk-filled bowl of life. The next, you are on the edge of the cereal bowl, looking down at all the little Cheerios floating below.

a 11

This impresses the crap out of most people, especially people from other countries. It is a great way to see the bay. The Berkeley Marina is that little clump of trees far below, with the broken pier jutting into the bay.

a 12

Yup, that pier, right over there.

Stay tuned for more on this subject… I have a lot of nice sunset photos.





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12 Responses to San Francisco, the light side and the dark side, the high and low, and the many moods of the mysterious Lady by the Bay…

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Wait, something’s wrong. Where’s all the snow??? Did you photoshop it out???

  2. SD Gates says:

    That reminds me of a song sung by Simon and Garfunkel – Punky’s something, but it starts with “I wish I was a Kellogg’s Cornflake, floating in a bowl, taking movies”

  3. A “Cheerio, floating in the milk-filled bowl of life”? LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always viewed myself as a Belgian waffle swaddled in the syrup of worldly chaos, but the Cheerio reference will do.

  4. You lured me a long time ago with your quirky views on life and the world around us. So, you didn’t have to lie about a “lady in the bay.” I thought, ‘A woman in distress who needs help!’ I started to get juicy – only to have you dash my 1-minute fantasy against the rocks of disappointment. But I still love you, bro!

  5. kunstkitchen says:

    Homesickness…sniff. Nice photos. Happy New Year.

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