Well, I am back in San Diego…

a 1

Technically speaking, that picture was taken while I was still at my mom’s house in the Bay Area for Christmas. I took it with my laptop. I was setting up my new digital microscope for some pictures, and that reminded me my laptop has a camera.

a 2

My younger daughter, Mollie, was seeing if she could reach both sides of the double doorway at my mom’s house. This is that weird moment when you realize your daughter’s arms are as long as yours, even though you are taller. I think my wife took these with her phone, and I had her send them to me. Hey, her legs look longer too. I must have one hell of a long torso.

a 3

I had the idea of recreating that Da Vinci drawing, the one we sent into space on a metal plaque.

a 4

The sunset, on that long drive up California’s Central Valley.

a 5

As I neared the Grapevine… the pass leading through the mountains to Los Angeles, I spotted a weird optical illusion. In the center of the picture, the mountain in the background lines up with the mountain in front of it. It looks like a continuous line, like you can’t tell which part of which mountain is continuing on.

*** WARNING- Remember, kids, do not drive and take photos at the same time, unless you are a trained, professional driver and photographer, and a blogger with crack squirrels living in your head***

a 6

That is my 95-year-old mother. She is sitting in the car, watching the sunset…

a 7

This sunset, and this view, to be precise. I drove her up to my favorite view spot overlooking San Francisco and a large section of the bay… was that really only a couple of nights ago?

a 8

So even though I am back in San Diego, and have to go to work in a few hours, don’t worry.

a 9

I still have a lot of pictures to share.


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