My Yosemite adventure… part 9… Bridalveil Falls…

a 1

Another series of photos to highlight how being in Yosemite right after the wildfires had closed the park, and therefore made it virtually free of pesky humanity, allowed me, over two days, to take pictures of interesting things from an unprecedented amount of viewpoints.

a 2

Now, bear in mind that this is the end of summer. Bridalveil falls is a lot more exciting during the rainy seasons.

a 3

When the falls are really running, they raise this incredible mist all around them that gives them their name.

a 4

That being said, they were still beautiful, and I got pictures from above, below, and either side.

a 5

And from various distances, and in the changing light of different parts of the day.

a 6

This was possible only because the park had just reopened, and all the roads to the East and Southeast were still closed because of the fires.

a 7

At no other time would it be possible, in the summer rush of tourists to the park, to get so many views of anything in just two days. Not even full days, really. I had to drive there, and drive back home the next day.

a 8

Being able to drive all around the valley floor multiple times, and park wherever I wanted to park, and hike wherever I wanted to hike was incredible.

a 9

Hey, I do it all for you.

a 10

I even risked my life, scrambling over slimy boulders, past signs that said they really suggested you not scramble over the slippery boulders.

a 11

I climbed through these jumbled piles of sloughed-off granite to get you some shots from directly below the falls.

a 12

I know, right?

a 13

That is dedication.

a 14

But that is why I call these ‘adventures’ and not ‘outings’.

a 15

They require effort… and getting up really early.

a 16

And I do all that.

a 17

Because I care.

a 18

And because I am a little crazy.

a 19

And mostly…

a 20

Because I have crack squirrels living inside my head.

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