My Yosemite adventure… part 8… El Capitan…

a 1

I know, this is just going to be photos of one of the famous granite formations in Yosemite.

a 2

I am doing this for a reason.

a 3

Because the park had been closed due to all the wildfires burning in California, and had just reopened, and was virtually empty of human beings, I was allowed unrestricted access to drive anywhere, park anywhere, walk anywhere.

a 4

This is unprecedented. The park is usually packed with tourists. You can’t move around. You just find a place to park, and then take the shuttle buses around the valley floor.

a 5

So if you get off the bus to take some photos, you have to wait for another bus. This all takes time.

a 6

You also end up waiting in line for food… or restrooms. This also slows you down.

a 7

Even walking the hiking trails and wandering the meadows leaves you feeling a little crowded.

a 8

This time, this magical time, I had a backstage pass.

a 9

I had the golden ticket to the chocolate factory.

a 10

So I could look at anything I wanted to from any viewpoint.

a 11

Perhaps more importantly, I could afford to look at the same views at different times of the day, over two days, as the light changed as the sun moved across the sky.

a 12

For an adventurer and photographer, this was pretty special.

a 13

Now, maybe you don’t care enough to want to see 20 pictures of one big rock.

a 14

Maybe you have been to Yosemite, and don’t need to see it again.

a 15

Or maybe you just want me to get back to the weird stuff I normally… ha… do around here. Can you do weird stuff normally???

a 16

Either way, I don’t only do this blog for you. I am reliving a wondrous couple of days.

a 17

There are still burnt trees in the park from old fires.

a 18

So anyway, just bear with me.


.a 20

This will all be over soon enough

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2 Responses to My Yosemite adventure… part 8… El Capitan…

  1. Stunning photographs, what a wonderful treasure that trip was. 🙂

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