My Yosemite adventure… part 10… yes, they have a big, fancy hotel there, because rich people need to see nature too…

a 1

I know, it sounds crazy. The same rich people who want to dump coal sluicing waste directly into streams and cut down all the forests to build towers still want to see a tree now and then.

a 2

I mean, they want to see the trees from a comfortable vantage point, and not get dirty while they drink their brandy, but still. In short, they want to see nature from the comfort of a majestic hotel. And Yosemite has one.

a 3

See, it says so, right on the little displays of expensive souvenirs lining the entrance way.

a 4

I did not stay here. You saw where I stayed. I didn’t even ask how much it costs to stay here.

a 5

But I did wander around in the hotel… which used to be called the Ahwahnee lodge. Ahwahnee is a local Native American word meaning: ‘Who built this huge monstrosity in our sacred valley, oh right, the people who stole it from us’.

a 6

The hotel, like the park itself, was almost vacant. I guess rich people don’t like wildfire smoke any more than poor people do.

a 7

It breaks my heart when I think off all those cancelled reservations, and those people being forced to spend time in the Bahamas or Hawaii or Paris, or wherever rich people go when Yosemite is less than ideal.

a 8

I do hope that their alternate vacation plans weren’t ruined by a hurricane, volcano, or snooty French waiter!

a 9

I’m sure they will bounce back.

a 10

But they did miss all this.

a 11

They might have sent their butlers out to take some splendid photos of the blooming thistles…

a 12

Or the splendid wildflowers.

a 13

And they missed the chance to have their limo drivers take them to views like this.

a 14

I wonder if their butlers would have gone to the trouble of walking out in the meadows?

a 15

Or gone looking for a hidden spring of fresh, cool water.

a 16

See, now I am feeling bad for rich people with lazy butlers.

a 17

I am just softhearted.

a 18

I care too much. Which is why I tried to be a good butler for all of you.

a 19

I braved the smoke, and did not shirk my duty.

a 20

You’re welcome.


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5 Responses to My Yosemite adventure… part 10… yes, they have a big, fancy hotel there, because rich people need to see nature too…

  1. Isn’t that hotel where “The Shining” was filmed? I can almost see the ghost of Jack Nicholson looming in the hallway. Oh, wait! That’s just you. Never mind! 🙂

  2. I’m not rich, but I do love to escape to a majestic resort hotel now and then. Not being rich, we have to save up for those trips. I also have to sit in coach for the air portion of the journey, do my own driving, and all the buttle-ing. On the upside, that means, I get to roam the trails and take my own photos. You’re better at the photo side of buttle-ing than I am. By the way, In our travels among the hoity toity’s, I’ve never met a snooty French waiter, the French people we met were great fun. I think maybe their rep for being snooty is spread by rich Americans. Let’s face it, their the kind of folks who tend to bring out the snoot in even the nicest of humans. I have met some snooty American and English servers but that’s another story. Thanks for sharing your photos, they’re lovely.

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