Symphony For The Dribble- (Sung to the tune of: Sympathy For The Devil, by the Rolling Stones)… a song for Mr. tRump…

Symphony For The Dribble

A song for Donald tRump

Sung to the tune of: Sympathy For The Devil, by the Rolling Stones


Why did you allow me to reproduce myself

I’m a man of wealth, not taste

I’ve been president for one long, long year

Sold many a man’s soul away

I was in charge when Nazis marched

They’re fine people too, so don’t you hate

Made damn sure that Paul Manafort

Hid his money, and sealed his fate


Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name

But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my brain


I sit around watching Fox And Friends

They help me make America great again

Everything else is just fake, fake news

It is all just a means to my ends

I rode no tank, and I held no rank

While my bones spurs ached, and Saigon sank


Pleased to lead you, hope you guess my name

Ah, what’s puzzling you is the incompetence of my game


I fired Comey, ‘cause he wouldn’t be homey

Opened a fake school, and sold bad steaks

I shouted out who killed democracy

When after all, it was just little old me

Let me please introduce myself

I’m a man who paid for Russian hooker pee

But I don’t pay my contractors

And I have a penchant for bankruptcy



Pleased to cheat you, hope you guessed my name

But what’s puzzling you, is just the fact that I’m so lame… oh yeah, get down, baby


Just as the charges against me, are all a witch hunt

I drained the swamp, what’s your complaint

I like my daughter just a little too much

Because hey, I never learned to have restraint

I walked in on Miss Teen USA

I admitted your crotches, aren’t safe

I stuck little kids into cages

And my own into the damn White House

I like Vladimir Putin

More than I like my own spouse


So, if you meet me, have some courtesy

Have some sympathy, show some respect

All my well-crafted policies

Will end up with this country being wrecked


Pleased to meet you, did you guess my name

But what’s worrying you is that the country will never be the same

Tell me baby, what’s my name, now tell me honey, do you like fame…

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