That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 1…

a 1

Christmas dinner at my mom’s house in the San Francisco Bay Area has evolved into a complicated, two-headed beast. We do a full, traditional English Christmas dinner on Christmas day… and then we do it again the following day. It is mostly because one of my brothers and his wife and three kids don’t come until the day after Christmas these days. So we have one fancy dinner with friends and whoever is here… and then we do it again. They are both big productions, with anywhere from 15 to 25 people attending.

a 2

My little cousins came for the second dinner this time. That is Clark, helping my daughter, Mollie, put the crackers on the table. You might remember him from times I have stopped in Santa Cruz to visit. His little brother is here too, but might not show up in this post.

a 3

When I say ‘crackers’, I don’t mean snacks. These are the English kind. A colorful paper tube that you pull apart and it goes ‘snap’ with a small explosive charge. They contain a paper crown, a small toy, and a piece of paper with some bad jokes on it.

a 4

It is all just part of the madness.

a 5

You have to go with the flow. There are a lot of people staying at my mom’s house for Christmas week, and many more coming and going. If you look past Clark, you will see one of the tikis I carved for my mom.

a 6

Somehow, my mom found little holiday headgear for them.

a 7

Anyway… where were we?

a 8

Oh yes… the table is almost set…

a 9

And the second roast beef for the second Christmas dinner is resting…

a 10

Not as rare as would be acceptable at an actual English dinner… but… mmmmm.

Join me later for part two of dinner, part two. HA!


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