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Getting in the mood for Christmas… Old, recycled posts of the holiday season… part 4…

Some silly homemade Christmas ornaments and a Santa tiki… yeah, I said a Santa tiki… What, you don’t have a hand-carved Santa tiki??? Yeah, I have a Santa tiki… well, my wife does, because I gave it to her for … Continue reading

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Otherwheres Collide… (A humorous science fiction thriller)… Chapter 7…

(Author’s note)… I really do think that if you give this, the fourth novel in my action/humor science fictions series: ‘The Otherwhere Chronicles’ a chance, you might find yourself wanting to know what happened in the first three books… available … Continue reading

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Making Art’s art even more arty… part 6…

Yes, I know, it is a picture of a bowl and a vase that I made in my glass blowing class. With a few filter effects adding some digital magic. This time, here is what I did… I took that … Continue reading

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