A three bridge adventure… part 2… (in which I get kissed by a horse!)…

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I know, I already posted that picture. But I love that picture. And that horse. We are one bridge into my three bridge adventure in the Bay Area the day before yesterday. After leaving my mom’s house just North of Berkeley in the East Bay… (see handy map in the first post of this series)… I crossed over the Richmond/San Rafael bridge and continued Northwest towards the coast. I passed through redwood forests and hill country. I met a few other horses. Then I drove along Tomales Bay. This is pronounced Tu-moll-iss, not like the Mexican food.

a 1

I have a few photos of that part of my drive, but I took them on the way back from this stop, which is the furthest Northwest I got.

a 2

I knew I had to get back to San Francisco to meet Big Johnny and William. And I was still heading away from there. When I saw this herd of horses mixed in with a herd of cattle, I knew I had to stop.

a 3

Now once again, I feel the need to point out that these aren’t some riding stable horses. They didn’t have any of the marks on their backs associated with being ridden often… or ever. These were semi-wild range ponies.

a 4

These aren’t the kinds of horses that just walk over and say hi to anybody.

a 5

These horses have to sense that you are okay. And I didn’t have any carrots or sugar cubes with me, just so you know.

a 6

I managed to get 4 or 5 to come say hello.

a 7

Because horses, dogs and babies love me.

a 8

I am just that awesome.

a 9


a 10

And when I left, my new friend… the one who gave me a kiss… didn’t want me to go.

a 11

Anyway, I headed back the way I had just come… past a river that fed Tomales Bay… or maybe  it was just a narrow branch of the bay…

a 12

… to where it fed into the bigger bay. It is amazing that all this is so near San Francisco.

a 13

Tomales Bay is famous for its oyster farms. All along the side of the bay there are shacks and counters selling oysters. Barbecued oysters are a specialty.  And this is a beautiful drive. I suggest you try it if you ever have time and are in the Bay Area. In fact, I recommend driving the entire coast of California on Highway One if you can. And throw in Oregon and Washington State if you have time.

a 14

The bay narrows into salt marsh as you get to the end of it… the closed end…

a 15

I had another twenty or so beautiful miles to drive, before we can get to some new stuff.

a 16

But meeting this girl was definitely a highlight of my day.




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2 Responses to A three bridge adventure… part 2… (in which I get kissed by a horse!)…

  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Really sweet to see you with the horses.

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