Not another San Francisco adventure!… the final chapter… a circle around the bay…

a 1

We have come full circle… pun intended… and reached the last post of this one particular day in San Francisco. We drove across the Oakland Bay Bridge, and  rode a rocket boat underneath it. We watched the fog rolling in from a the bay and Fisherman’s wharf, as it slowly tried to engulf the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove across that bridge, in the fog, and then out of it, to the observation spot near the North end, where that picture was taken.

a 2

Turning around from where the first picture was taken, you see a phenomenon that I have written about before. It is when the fog rolls over the headlands on either side of the Golden Gate, sweeping over the hills like a giant, slow-motion tidal wave. There is no feeling like driving on those roads on the East side of the hills, as the fog comes pouring down over you.

a 3

I turned back around, and the swiftly moving fog was still attempting to cover the bridge.

a 5

To my right, the fog was still just cresting the ridge line.

a 6

The bridge is still struggling to be free!

a 7

And looking left from the view spot, you can still see the long snake of fog slithering out over the bay, headed East, towards my mom’s house on the other side.

a 4

We got back in the car. I took advantage of the fact that my wife was driving, and took this shot of the fog snake, as a large cargo ship gets ready to plunge into it, or is making a run in the other direction to get away.

a 8

After driving North for a while, we turned West, past the famous prison… no, not Alcatraz. which we saw the fog devour earlier… I am talking about San Quentin, which is still being used. Now we were approaching the Richmond Bay Bridge, the third bridge in our circuitous route around the bay. You can see the fog snake in the distance.

a 9

Getting closer.

a 10

One shot from the bridge itself, looking back towards San Francisco. Just to the left of the two lights on the mast on the bow… front… of that oil tanker, you can see the tip of the new Salesforce building, poking up above the fog in the far distance.

a 11

And then, just a mile from my mom’s house, we saw a street that was closed off for a food truck gathering. We got some good food.

a 12

And as I decided which truck to visit, I took one last picture of the sky. This sums up our day, and, in a way, the Bay Area’s relationship with fog. The setting sun is tinting the clouds, above the top of a fog bank. Between, wisps of… something… drift in the evening breeze. Are those low clouds? Is that high patches of fog? Does it really matter?


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2 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… the final chapter… a circle around the bay…

  1. More great photos, Art! Do you also do freelance photography?

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