Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 7… I’m just tryin’ to find the bridge…

a 1

See, I told you the Golden Gate Bridge was in that weird fog bank somewhere! Also, ten bonus points if you got the Led Zeppelin reference in the title of this post.

a 2

So yeah, after we flew the new kite in that park… in that fog… we decided that, instead of going back across the bay to my mom’s house over the Oakland Bay Bridge the way we came, we would go over the Golden Gate Bridge… and the Richmond Bay Bridge… and make a big circle.

a 3

It is always awesome to drive… or walk… across the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog. This is also when it comes in handy to have a sun roof on your car.

a 4

The South end… the one nearest San Francisco… was shrouded in fog.

a 5

It started to thin out near the middle… the fog, I mean, not the bridge.

a 6

And by the time we got to the South end, the fog was just blowing in wisps.

a 7

Because… you know… fog.

a 8

We pulled over at a little view spot near the bridge. I took that picture of a plane circling over the bay to land at Oakland International. I didn’t use the zoom lens. I just cropped most of the photo away. Ha!

a 9

Now we can look at that crazy fog bank from the other side. You can see that it is trying to wrap the entire bridge in its embrace.

a 10

The bridge was fighting back.

a 11

Come on, bridge, you can do it!

a 12

And looking back across the bay from the same location, you can see the fog bank, reaching out over the water.


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6 Responses to Not another San Francisco adventure!… part 7… I’m just tryin’ to find the bridge…

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    How does one drive over a bridge that isn’t there? LoL

  2. These are more great photos, Art! You captured the beautiful, yet surreal essence of fog. I also like how you describe its interaction with the bridge – a natural element dueling with a man-made object.

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