Still another adventure in the Bay Area… part 1…

a 1

It is hard to believe that just yesterday, I got up at 2:00 in the morning, drove 500 miles, went to a memorial service for my friend’s mom, then went to his childhood home, right near my childhood home… where I am right now… and got a little too drunk, while telling stories about my friend from ‘back in the day’ to his nieces and nephews that will have them teasing him for many family reunions to come.

I got no sleep yesterday… at either end. But today is Sunday, and that is the day my friend, Big Johnny, and my godson Willie, were free to hang around… and they offered to drive across that bridge right there to come visit me on the East side of the bay.

a 2

So, despite being a little hung over and still groggy from lack of sleep, this morning, I found myself in the hills above Berkeley. Yes, I know there is a big, red arrow in the photo. I put it there. It points to where we ended up at the end of this rather long day, down by the water.

a 3

Well, we were going to take Willie to the little train, and go for a ride, but it’s summer, and it was crowded, so we decided to do something else.

a 4

We walked around a lake.

a 5

I visited a statue that I helped make, many years ago… whoa, kid, you do not want to stand there.

a 6

I said hello to a very nice cow.

a 7

I saw San Francisco from many angles.

a 8

And the Golden Gate Bridge. I know, you can barely see it in that photo. It is hiding behind a long pier and a fog bank. It is a sneaky bridge!

a 9

And I made friends with an awesome dog… in a weird way. I know, I always have dog stories and pictures when I come to the Bay Area, but I start missing Shiloh, our dog. So get ready. Tomorrow, I am doing nothing but reading, maybe some watercolor painting, and posting pictures about today.

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