I know, I know, I am making you sit through multiple days of multiple posts full of multiple photos of one, single day in my life, and I’m not even mixing it up with any of my weird Photoshop posts or amusing rants and rambling observations, but trust me, the pace is picking up, and you must admit, at the very least, that I do know how to have an adventure day…

a 1

Yes, that picture was taken from a moving car… but at least, this time, I wasn’t the one driving it. It was Big Johnny in the driver’s seat. Do you remember who big Johnny is? I feel like I have introduced him to you a number of times, so I won’t do it again… or maybe I will in later posts.

a 2

We have made it through my rambling walk along the San Francisco Bay, and the adventure is picking up steam! We are on our way to pick up this guy…

a 3

Willie! Okay, that isn’t the best picture of my godson ever. He was watching the last three minutes of his favorite show… kids… what are you gonna do?

a 4

Now that is the Willie that we all know and love, charging me at full speed, wearing a monster hat and a smile.

a 5

Oh yeah, lunch time with Big Johnny, Eva, and Willie!

a 6

Wait, why did I take a picture of a giant, 12-foot-tall, metal urn?

a 7

To give some context to this photo, a close up of some of the details on the big urn… where I happened to notice a giant spider attacking a cherub… that is just weird.

a 8

As is that.

a 9

I will finish this post with that picture of Willie saying hello to a cast-aluminum pirate. When we pick up the story in the next post, I will explain why that pirate is both awesome and thought-provoking, as well as what we were doing in that park in San Francisco, and how it ties in to the rest of the adventure.


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