This pirate statue is both funny and deeply thought-provoking, but you have to look closely to figure out why…

a 1

Did you spot it right away? I know, right? Two peg legs, two hook hands, two parrots, and two eye-patches. It takes a moment to sink in. I mean, obviously, it is humorous. But once you begin to ponder the implications, beyond the obvious ones of how dangerous a pirate’s life actually is, you start to feel a little moved. This guy can’t pick up gold doubloons or pieces-of-eight. He can’t wield his twin cutlasses or load his brace of pistols. He can’t even feed his two parrots. That keg beside him is either full of rum or gunpowder, and I have a sneaking suspicion that our poor pirate intends to either drink himself to death, or blow himself up. Maybe Willie should get down before either of those things occur.

a 2

There is my buddy, Big Johnny, and Willie, running on ahead, as we enter the place we are going… or were going, since this all took place a few days ago, now.

a 3

The place we were going is now the place we were at, if you see what I mean. And it had an observation deck. Why are you being so mysterious, indirect, and roundabout in your description of this portion of your San Francisco adventure day, Arthur, I hear you asking  yourself.

a 4

Please enjoy these views of San Francisco while I try to answer that question.

a 5

I am not trying to be coy or mysterious. I am trying to be funny. This is a humor blog.

a 6

And, because I have these pictures of the view from the top of… the place we went to… I have a little time to kill. I could fill the voids between the pictures telling you more about the people I was with, but I feel like you should know who Big Johnny, Eva, and Willie are by now, or you don’t want to know, or you are new here, in which case, I suggest you type: ‘Big Johnny’ in the search bar on my blog and learn about him, because we have had some awesome adventures together. His birthday party, not long ago, was an epic tale of debauchery.

a 7

Also, there is an art to pacing these things. If I give too much away too fast, it spoils the surprises. Adding to that, don’t forget that I am posting all these photos in order. I don’t usually do that. On most of my adventures, I mix things up, I do a post about one aspect of what I did, a post about the animals I saw, or the interesting art, or the scenery.

a 8

Hey, there is a place you might remember from other posts. That building with the plants on the roof is full of cool stuff, which I have posted about before.

a 9

But we aren’t going there today… or, that is to say, I didn’t go there two days ago… sigh…



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12 Responses to This pirate statue is both funny and deeply thought-provoking, but you have to look closely to figure out why…

  1. List of X says:

    My apologies – I read the blogs from the latest down, which ruins all your well-thought-out pacing and mystery setting.

  2. Simon says:

    I noticed the hooks, peg legs and parrots. The eye patches were more subtle but I too was wondering how he did anything. The only way he could have survived was to become a politician!

  3. Kenneth T. says:

    Yep, an incredible man, half the man he was born to be, still… larger than life.

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