That first photo might be the most San Franciscoey picture ever taken…


Or would that be: ‘the most San Franciscoish?’ That photo was taken from inside a cable car… (note the dangling Christmas ornament, top left)… and is of a VW bus… (that is painted in tie dye, and is taking tourists on a ‘magical hippy-trippy’ sightseeing tour of the iconic 60’s counter culture sites [like Haight Ashbury])… that is just starting to drive down Lombard Street… (the most twisty street in the world)…  I do apologize for the fact that I don’t have any better pictures of Lombard Street, but it took a long time to get on the cable car, and we had stuff to do.


The funny thing is that we ended up on the same ‘well-decorated–or Christmas’ cable car that I took photos of on the day we went to China Town. I am still working on the assumption that the crews were responsible for the decorations, because most of them had none or very few.


My wife, Mollie, our 17-year-old, and her boyfriend, are clinging to the outside of the cable car, which is fun and exciting to do. I sat inside, to leave room for some other lucky tourist, because I have done all this before.


I gave up the chance to take some great pictures of the city from a less limited but more dangerous viewpoint …


But hey, I am noble like that.


Next time, I promise to take some better pictures of Lombard Street.


I waited to be last off the cable car to take this photo of the controls the driver uses. The cables, which are under the street, are constantly moving, being pulled by massive engines in special buildings. The drivers have big levers. One operates special grips that grab the cable, and that makes the car move. The other is the brake, which moves big metal pads against the outside edge of the cable track. This keeps the car from rolling down the steep hills. You should Google that, it is pretty interesting, and it is some old technology that still works.


And these things go up and down some pretty steep hills.


Oh, and I met a lot of really cool dogs.

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4 Responses to That first photo might be the most San Franciscoey picture ever taken…

  1. List of X says:

    Wait, you chose to not risk your life to take pictures for your blog? You’re not getting old, are you?

  2. Elyse says:

    Great pictures. Hope your 2017 doesn’t suck, Art!

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