You want me to steal your what???

I have completely lost control of this whole face stealing plan. First you want me to steal your pets. Now I have to come up with something clever to do with fractals. Frakin’ fractals!

What is a fractal, I hear some of you pondering? It is a randomly generated computer image… sort of. When they were first making computer games, they had a hard time doing the images of nature. If you are an artist, you know that a tree or a flower is a complicated thing. And every tree in a forest is unique. How do you recreate that with little pixels of light.

But it turns out that nature works in fractals. It is just a randomness that sort of works. A tree is never symmetrical in all ways. Branches just take off in all directions and split when ever they feel like it. Even a leaf that seems to be designed on a pattern isn’t really the same on both sides. Sort of like our faces. There are subtle differences between your two eyes or both sides of your nose.

So some computer genius figured out some program that randomly generated new pixels just like nature randomly generates new cells. And that is how we get fractal art. It looks a little like this…

a 2They can also generate leaves and trees and many shapes based on nature. If you want to see more awesome fractal art, go and visit my fiend;

She works on a draw bridge… (do not make any troll jokes, she is very sensitive about that)… She also does some amazing fractal art. Here is a picture of her… sort of… Okay, if I understand it, this is a picture of an alter ego of her that she likes to think of herself as, but anyway, check this out…

a 3Is that cool or what? I don’t know if the face is made with fractals or not. You will have to ask her about that when you visit her blog where she also writes a lot of really great stories and other things.

But now we come to the part where I have to take these stolen pictures and do something funny with them. And since she is another one of you who refuses to give me real faces to work with, I am going to use my Photoshop powers to take things to the dark side of the force. Sorry, but sometimes I let the little imp inside my head run things for a while. And when I do, he starts to have crazy ideas. He is also the self-centered part of my, so naturally he decided that what was missing from this picture was me…

a 3 copyOh, that is just wrong on so many levels. Stupid little imp! I am going to let my inner child use you as a stuffed animal and you are going to end up covered with drool… Now behave yourself…

a 2 copyOkay, that isn’t too bad… just putting my shades in there is sort of cool…

a 4Alright! That works with the tie dye shirt. And that is sort of how I imagine the world around me anyway…

a 5Imp, you really are one conceited, self-obsessed little creature, aren’t you? But I must admit, I sort of like it.

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34 Responses to You want me to steal your what???

  1. benzeknees says:

    Good job on these, except for the first one of course!

  2. Jean says:

    I have never really gotten firm feedback as to whether it is a compliment or an insult to say a guy does not make a good-looking girl. Even after I confirm that they make a perfectly fine figure of the male persuasion, some guys just tilt their head and wonder if they have been insulted or complimented. So tell me honestly how you feel when I say that you should definitely not go out in drag. Maybe it’s the facial hair.

  3. Reblogged this on The View from a Drawbridge and commented:
    Here’s a post that a fellow blogger did using my fractals and my avatar. I feel so…used. Actually, I laughed so hard I kind of terrified my dogs. Check out his blog if you get a chance. He’s quite the character.

  4. Natalie Koh says:

    Haha!! This is awesome.

  5. Omigod, I laughed so hard! The one of your face on my avatar actually made me roll backward from my computer screen That’s a first. The last one is wicked cool. I’ve got to repost this. Hilarious.

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