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Dick Cheney meets the Otherwhere Chronicles…

I am going to kill two birds with one stone or maybe even multitask. I haven’t made fun of Dick for a while, and what better way to do it than to pimp my new book at the same time? … Continue reading

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That last post I did was another of my stupid mistakes where I think I know what I am talking about but it turns out I don’t…

When YOU type Amazon.com into your search bar, you will not see my newly published book on the main page. It turns out that Amazon.com remembers your previous searches and sticks stuff on that front page just to make you … Continue reading

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That is so bleepin’ awesome…

If you just type in Amazon.com in your search bar, my novel is right there, on the front page. Down there on the left under the ‘More Items To Consider’ header. I feel so powerful. And ironically, my book is just … Continue reading

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You say it’s my birthday?

Somehow I forgot all about it. I had to be told that it is my own birthday. Which brings up an interesting question; If I am so spacey that I forget my own birthday, that means that my wife can never … Continue reading

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