Maybe I do have time to be funny today…

Because I just got a reply Tweet from Ricky Gervais.

So I can add that to the two Tweets I got from Eric Idle.

Am I awesome or what?

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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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10 Responses to Maybe I do have time to be funny today…

  1. benzeknees says:

    So what did Ricky Gervais say to you?

    • He goes off on these rants about how religion is a waste of time. He made some comment about how praying never helps. I made a joke about how begging might help. He aggreed and said something about how begging an imaginary being still wouldn’t help. And I said no, but begging the person to get well might. It is hard to explain. You need to know Ricky like I do.

  2. melfamy says:

    You won’t be getting any more tweets from Eric, if you don’t get his name right. Or did you get Billy Idle’s name wrong?

  3. EagleAye says:

    Seriously? Oh man, I am SO jealous. You’re actually talking with the Gods of Funny?

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