A rainbow and an awesome sunset happening at the same time, so why am I so upset???

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So, I was at work the other day, and this rainbow was happening. And just behind me, simultaneously, this was happening…

a 2

So why am I mad? Well, let me tell you.

a 3

Twenty or so minutes before I got these shots, I had set my phone up to record the whole sunset on the time lapse setting. You know, where it takes a photo every few seconds. The sunset was magical.

a 4

These are just the tail end of it.

a 5

I took an early lunch just to film it.

a 6

And then sat there, thinking I was filming it, but I had missed the button. My phone wasn’t doing anything.

a 7

It would have been so good that, as I sat there, grinning with anticipation, I was considering upgrading the blog so I could actually share videos.

I might do that anyway.


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Happy 4th of July, everybody…

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I would have said ‘Happy Independence Day’, but now, I feel as if I would be using the word ‘Independence’ ironically.

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He does like a nice parade…

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Uh, are there a lot of people out there who object to calling 911 when bitten by a rattlesnake???

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These signs are hanging up all over where I work, both inside and outside the buildings. I can only assume this is one of those ‘cover your own ass’ legal things that companies have to do. I know, we all work right near a big, un-populated valley. I see coyotes and raccoons and that big tarantula I almost stepped on the other night. But can I just say that if I am bitten by a rattlesnake, I will not be contacting my supervisor. My lawyer will be doing that. #covermyownass

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I can hear you out there, judging me in your minds…


Stop it!!!

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No, I don’t know what you call that… but you must admit, I have sexy legs for an old guy…

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So I was getting ready to go work at my job as a private security officer, but I still had my sleep shorts and flip flops on. My wife called me for something. I decided to give her a silly dance. She took a picture. Really, what more do you need to know?

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So, yeah, I almost stepped on that last night at work… in the dark…

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That thing is bigger than my hand… and I have big hands… unlike someone I could mention… HA!

a 2

Before that happened, it was a lovely sunset.

a 3

Later, I walked outside, into a dimly lit area behind one of the buildings I work in. I saw something moving by my foot. I thought it was a leaf blowing in the breeze. A really big leaf.

a 4

Then I realized that there was no breeze.

a 5

I know they aren’t really dangerous. There is just something about a spider that big that is inherently creepy.

a 6

Ahhhh… soothing, tranquil sunset.


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