Hop to it!

b 2 copy

To be honest, I couldn’t find the right picture in Google Images, so my legs are on backwards. If you lifted up that shirt, there is a little frog butt facing you under there. HA!

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Glass… part 3…


Is it tie dye?


Is it a subatomic particle?


Is it a glowing ember?


Or the neural networks inside my crack squirrel-infested grey matter?

a 1

Nope. Just another of those super close up macro photos I took of one of the things I made in my glass blowing class.

z 5

But it is funny how a simple glass vase, some fancy photography, and a few digital filters can find almost anything almost anywhere.

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Mmmmm… chicken legs…

b 2 copy

But you must admit, I have some meaty thighs!

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I was a contestant on; America’s Got Talons…

b 2 copy

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Yeah, I know, but you should see me swim!

b 2 copy

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Glass… part 2…


Is it a tear drop at a Grateful Dead concert?


Is it a drop of molten gold?


Is it a corneal transplant operation?


Is it a tiny drop of water as seen through an electron microscope?


Is it a single-celled organism?


Is it an alien space station?


Is it a sperm cell impregnating an egg?


Is it a ring of power being forged by Sauron’s dark magic?

a 1

Nope. It is just a tiny bubble inside that paper weight, one of the things I made when I took that glass blowing class, taken with a macro lens, and put through some digital filters.

z 12

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I am handy to have around…

b 2 copy 2

Oooops… awkward thumb placement… hold on…

b 2 copy

Much better… but what if I stand on one leg… or… uh… finger?

b 2 copy 3

Perfect!!! Now I just need to Photoshop that image on top of Trump’s head.

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