Stick together… part 55… cities… part 2…

a 1

Cities are cool.

a 2

Who doesn’t like traveling to a new city?

a 3

But there is one thing about cities…

a 4

Many of them tend to be quite symmetrical.

a 5

That is why, on the first four images, I used a double-mirror effect.

a 6

As you can see from these last few, you can get some interesting art out of a single mirror effect.

a 7

But if I had added one more, they would be better.

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Trump’s America: A slowly evolving horror story…

a 2

He owns the supreme court now. Things are only going to get worse.

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A riddle: What’s yellow and smells like vodka?

a 1

See, it’s funny because it looks just like Russian hooker urine… or so I hope.

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Stick together… part 54… cities… part 1…

a 1


a 2

Many of us live in one.

a 3

That guy is leading one weird parade.

a 4

I am going to enjoy this next part.

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Wait… how many medias are being used in this one multimedia image exactly???


So, let’s see. Art in general is a media, right? And glass blowing, the manner in which I made this paperweight in the first place, is a specific sub-genre of art in general. Taking the super-close-up-macro-zoom photo, well, photography is a media. And then I did the double mirror image thing in Photoshop, and digital art is a media. And I used another program altogether to make the moving water reflection thing happen. And now, I am posting it on my blog, and blogging is a media. I am also typing words, which is a media.

So, that would be… uh… a whole lot of medias.

And wouldn’t multi medias be medii???

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Stick together… part 53…multi-multimedia…

b 1

“How the heck did you do that???”, I hear you asking in astonishment. Well, let me tell you.

b 2

These are all double mirror images… by which I mean I did the mirror image thing twice on each photo…

b 3

And the photos are all the same picture I took when I was playing around with the macro lenses and doing super close up photography…

b 4

… of that paper weight that was the first project I did in my glass blowing class, lit up from below with colored LED lights, in a dark kitchen.

b 10

That right there is the original photo before the mirror image magic.

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MAGA-zine… part 4…

a 2

Oh yeah, now that would be a real start towards making America great again!

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