Ho ho ho…

a 1 a 1

Okay… that was a cheap shot… and I feel horrible about it… and also incredibly ready to unwrap some gifts…

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Life… and death… imitating art…

I think we should send a news crew to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un and ask him why he was so upset about us doing a comedy movie in which he is assassinated during an interview… and while they are there interviewing him… they should kill him… just sayin’…

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Yo ho, yo ho, ho ho ho… part 2…

a 1 a 1

Just because it was so much fun the first time.

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Yo ho, yo ho, ho ho ho…

a 1 a 2

No… seriously…


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A ‘war on Christmas’ update…

I guess one thing that always bothers me about the new, more militant religious conservative Christians, is their complete failure to grasp the message that the person they claim to follow was really trying to teach his followers. Not once, as far as I can remember, did Jesus ever stop and ask somebody what religion they followed before he offered to help them. And considering the fact that he started off with only 12 guys who could even be considered his followers, that pretty much means that everybody he helped was a non-Christian. I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but the way he got new followers was to show them compassion and love regardless of what they believed. Maybe that was the whole idea of his teachings. To show so much compassion and love to other people that they became intrigued by him and ended up wanting to be more like him. And then there is the whole ‘turn the other cheek’ message which seems to get overlooked in the rush to find more judgmental biblical quotes to use to tell everybody else how evil they are.
And when you get right down to it, the only people Jesus ever got so mad at that he threw a hissy fit and ended up flipping over tables was a bunch of rich money lenders… or what we today would call bankers… something else to think about… if you are into that whole ‘thinking’ thing.


That is a comment I left on another blog, a blog done by a friend of mine, who does such good posts that he makes me leave comments that are so good that I have to copy and paste them back in my blog as a whole new post… go visit: http://mindfuldigressions.com/

Let him bring out the best in you, too.

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A poem… yeah, I know, many of you see the word ‘poem’ and you run screaming… but this one is funny… and it is about Christmas… and why I might be way too obsessed with this blogging thing…

Family gathered for Christmas, a brightly burning log

I try to get in the spirit of things but I’m thinking about my blog

The kid’s have opened their presents, there’s booze in my eggnog

I sit and smile and nod a lot, but I’m thinking about my blog

When I go to workout at the gym, and on the treadmill take a jog

My mind is running to new ideas to post upon my blog

When I am in the backyard, and tossing the ball for my dog

I am also tossing ideas around to entertain you on the blog

When I’m in a drunken stupor from too much rum or pirate grog

I clear away the cobwebs by pondering my blog

When the road of life is muddied and I am mired in the bog

I find the path made easier by thinking about my blog

When my body is wracked by fever, my mind is in a fog

The only clarity I can find is thinking about my blog

As through the turmoil and confusion of everyday life I slog

My brain is trudging ceaselessly through ideas for my blog

In the vastness of this universe, I am just one tiny cog

And the place where I fit in the best is right here on my blog…


Okay… you caught me… this is a recycled post from last year… but it still cracks me up, and it is still a little too true.

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Everybody go to your ‘new and improved’… also known as craptastic… stats page, then find where it says you can visit your old stats page… and vote to HATE the new stats page…

I guess this post is technically part of my ‘You say you want a revolution’ series of posts that I did recently, because it is definitely about the horrible new changes that WordPress is sticking us with… but I don’t even have the energy to make this post funny or add a goofy Photoshop picture. The new stats page is so bad… and the drop down notification menu is just annoying.

Seriously, WordPress, these changes are the worst Christmas present anybody ever gave me.

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