I just bought my own domain name…

I am now, supposedly, a dot com…

I am also a computer moron, so I have no idea what this means. Will it change anything for you… or for me? Will I be harder or easier to find? Will this let WordPress confuse me in even more ways?

To top that off, I was told that the new website might not be recognized by all web-sever-platform-electronic-device-thingies… or whatever… for 72 hours…

So do me a favor.

Type pouringmyartout.com into some opening and see if you end up back here…

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A very early post… from back when I had gotten only 1,000 views…

This post is interesting on a few levels. Mostly it is interesting because I had not yet come up with my running gag concept of the crack squirrels in my head to explain my antics. Also, it gives some unique insights into the way my head works.

It was called: The Arthur Browne show…


Why did I wait so long to start a blog? What the heck was I thinking? Since I picked up my first crayon I have been doing art and writing. It is a compulsion. Something inside me that has to come out… and like any natural bodily function that demands release, it is dangerous to hold it inside. Artistic constipation would quickly cause me to explode and expire.

If you ever get bored enough to start reading my blog from the very beginning, you will learn that I am a mental freak of nature. I am all art-side-of-the-brain. I have no access to the logic side, as proved by extensive scientific tests and psychological profiling. This means that I can produce art by the box and drawer full, but I have absolutely no ability to sell or market my work.

The idea of this blog has always been to give me an outlet for this mass of strange things that my brain creates… (and to leave something of me behind for posterity so my descendants can get to know me after I am gone…. my own personal time capsule and attempt at immortality)… I try to keep you all amused by stringing the whole thing together with an amusing dialog and a few observations about life in general, and some history about my life, which has been one crazy ride.

What I did before I started this blog is a little thing my family calls ‘the Arthur Browne Show’. If anyone ever came to our house, and that person was someone I found interesting, I would try to maneuver my way beside them on the couch so I could casually ask them if they would like to glance through some of my binders of funny Photoshop pictures. These poor souls had no idea what they were getting themselves into. If they were too polite to try to escape, I would coax them outside to admire my tikis. If they still didn’t look too much like a cornered rat, I would attempt to lure them into the garage to see my art hanging on the walls.

This is a time-consuming process, not at all efficient, and it makes my family nervous… (they may be right, not everyone comes back for a second visit)… I just always assumed that people would realize that this bizarre attention was my way of saying, “Hey, I think you are a person who is deep enough to appreciate some of my unusual viewpoints.” But be that as it may, even I was perceptive enough to draw the line at pulling out boxes and drawers of old poems, sketches, stories and so on. So all this early work was destined to moulder and decay in lonely abandon.

Then I discovered blogging. Now I can put all this stuff into one place and you can all pick and choose what you wish to spend time on. And I am cleverly using the opportunity to show how my work has progressed and developed, while filling in the space between with clever documentary-like musings that some people have actually found fun and useful. I have cataloged my work while examining how I got to that point, and how it lead me even further along the road to where we all are today. And let us not forget my ongoing struggle to master this crazy magic box that I am typing on right now.

And the truth is, you never know what people are going to like. I have had very positive reviews on everything form my old Tin Tin and Conan comics, to my Photoshop tips, and the snowman my daughter Mollie made. And all this has led me to my recent habit of occasionally posting my unique views on what motivates us all to be bloggers. Because my mind does not work in normal ways, I sometimes ask questions that other people might never think to ask. I tend to look at everything as if I was a visitor from another galaxy, and this allows me to come at things from unexpected perspectives. Or, to put it another way, some of my thoughts are so stupid that they manage to become profound… (you know, like a dog that is so ugly it is cute)…

So what started as a cross between a diary and an experiment has blossomed into a real thing that is still both of those things and so much more. And isn’t that the story of art in a nutshell? Every new piece leads to something else while reinforcing the basics of what we already know how to do. We just get better and keep moving forward.

I know that 1,000 hits is not earth-shaking. I know it does not mean that 1,000 people have read all my stuff. But it does mean that 1,000 times somebody read something that I wrote. And that is just freekin’ incredible. Thank you all, from the bottom of my art, uh, heart.

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Here is another one of my crazy ideas: If you are going to kill someone, can you at least come up with a good reason?

I don’t mean to nitpick… but it just seems like people kill other people too easily these days. I mean, I can see how killing another human being might be necessary. I can see how it might come up. I have a list of situations in my head that, once the criteria are met, I could take a human life.

The thing is… and this is a thing I hope we can all agree on… my list of reasons that would justify my killing a person is pretty short.

Technically, it only has one thing on it.

I could… and would… kill another human being… if… and only if… they were obviously about to kill either me or some other human being. I would kill to save a life. That is pretty much it.

So why the hell are so many people running around with a list of reasons for killing other human beings that is longer than the freaking Great Wall of China??? You need to break it down into sections just to organize it.


People will kill because somebody has something that they themselves want. Insurance money or the family wealth, a nice piece of land, a shiny bauble, a car, the money in the cash register at the local 7-11 store. Or maybe they want the person the other person is in a relationship with… which brings us to…


People kill in the heat of passion all the time. You come home and find your spouse in bed with the neighbor. But this is heat of the moment heat of passion. People also kill just to remove am unwanted rival for their affections. Or because a loved one asks them to. Don’t get me started on that mother that tried to have a rival cheerleader killed so her daughter could get on the squad. And this doesn’t really include all those murders that occur during a heated argument that just gets out of hand. Although in a way, it might lead us to the next category…


I am always amazed at how easy it is to get people to kill for religious beliefs. Even those who believe in religions that claim to have peace and love as some of their main tenants. It is bad enough that people can easily slaughter other people of a completely different religion, but even people of the same religion can kill one another over slight variances of the details.

This is another of those posts where the crack squirrels in my head came up with an idea and then told me to just start typing… while they all screamed stuff at me and expected me to make some sort of sense of it all. And once again, here I sit, well into a post with no clear exit strategy.

There are just too many reasons people use as excuses to kill other people to list them all or make any sense of them. We kill because our governments tell us we can… and should… and it does sort of seem like more and more people… especially in America… just go off the deep end and listen to the little voices in their heads saying, “kill… kill… kill.”

Well, you know what? I have little voices in my head. I call them the crack squirrels. And they tell me to do crazy blog posts. So I listen. But if they ever tell me to kill somebody, I am going to tell them to shut the hell up.

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And old, recycled post in which I clear up a mystery about chickens and eggs…

It was called: Which came first…


The chicken or the egg…?

Stop falling for this. It is a trick question, not a clever one. Obviously the chicken slowly developed over millions of years to achieve the form that we know it as today. During this process, branches of the chicken family experimented with varied reproductive methods. Some of these divergent lines died out as their methods proved to be less successful. But one line hit on the brilliant notion of allowing the embryos to develop safely inside the mother’s body, much like we mammals did. They improved on this system by slowly using the body’s natural calcium to form a protective womb around the developing fetus. Now the mother could lay the egg, where the youngster could continue its development, and thus free up the mother to continue the breeding cycle. This is, if anything, more proof that evolution does exist.

Just sayin’…

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I might be slowly gaining some control over the crack squirrels that live inside my head…

a 1 a 1

But let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy to break them.

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The 18th submission to my all-about-me art contest… what… did you think it was over already?

a 1 a 1

And this is the first one that was created by two people! That’s right. You heard me. This was done by my good friend, HastyWords, over at:  http://hastywords.wordpress.com/

And her delightful daughter, HastyKid, helped out.

You should check out that link up there. Hasty writes some awesome poetry, often with some awesome help from some awesome bloggers.

I really like this piece of Art… uh… art… Not only does it have me… and my blog name… but Hasty stuck here face right into my cool shades. Which makes sense. Because she is stuck in my head like that. And she will be stuck in your head if you check out her blog.

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When I get my mutant making machine up and running…

I think I might give this a try…

a 1 a 3

I’m not sure yet which one… or two… I will go for first.

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