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Comic Con… where it’s okay to stroke your Wookie in public…

And is it just me, or is the one on the left wearing hair gel… on its face? No, I don’t know what is up with that lady on the left, but I do wonder how one interviews a Wookie … Continue reading

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Getting away with being a really horrible person: A how-to guide… step 3…

Invariably, if you decide to become a really horrible person, people will catch on. And then, someone might just ask you about some of the horrible things that you did. Do not try lying, not yet. You are still an … Continue reading

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What’s news?

No… that isn’t a typo… I want to start a serious discussion about the way the news networks are evolving into some weird hybrid of news/speculation/opinion/sensationalism/biased/morbid freak shows. I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I remember … Continue reading

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No, the WordPress revolution is not over, but we might as well look at some funny pictures while we wait for you to work up your anger…

I still want your comments on what you think of the WordPress changes to the reader and the stats pages. Comment on the post below this one, or better yet, do your own post to let WordPress know how you … Continue reading

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I am having an affair… with WordPress… but it is sort of a love/hate thing…

Monday is the day that many of us try to do a romantic post for Ed Hotspur’s ongoing series called ‘Romantic Monday’. Today, I am going a little off the normal beaten path… even for me… but try to follow … Continue reading

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Monkey me, monkey doo…

(or); Mollie and Mooselicker and me like monkeys… (Say that five times fast)… Somewhere back in this blog, my daughter Mollie did a post. It was very popular. She met some of my blogging friends. One of the people she … Continue reading

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