Comic Con… where it’s okay to stroke your Wookie in public…

a 1

And is it just me, or is the one on the left wearing hair gel… on its face?

a 2

No, I don’t know what is up with that lady on the left, but I do wonder how one interviews a Wookie for TV. I mean, you can ask a Wookie any question you want to, and it is always going to answer: “Hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaannnnnngggggg”… which, if you don’t know what a Wokkie sounds like, is a little like a cross between an opera singer clearing their throat and a whale song.

a 3

You need to have a pretty good costume to attract the media at Comic Con.

a 4

You have a lot of competition.

a 5

And it takes a lot to get noticed.

a 6

It is easy to get lost in the crowd… and yes, you have to do a costume prop check, to make sure none of the weapons are real.

a 7

Sometimes, all you need to get filmed… by a very expensive steady cam… is to be a cute kid in a homemade costume.

a 8

If you aren’t cute, young, or rich enough to buy top end costumes, nobody cares if you wear regular clothes.

a 9

But if you do, no amount of body piercings and tattoos is going to get you noticed.


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4 Responses to Comic Con… where it’s okay to stroke your Wookie in public…

  1. Al says:

    These are great.

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