New York City… day 2… part 2… man, we put a lot of energy into coming up with ways to kill each other… and some fancy butts…

a 1

It is amazing, the time and effort and technology we have utilized in the search for more efficient ways to do each other in.

a 2

Most ancient weapons and sets of armor that still survive belonged to rich people. They had space to store stuff, even after they got too fat to wear it or too old to use it. They had servants to oil and preserve their stuff.

a 3

Although that looks like it belonged to a regular guy.

a 4

Most of the things you are looking at cost more than a peasant made in their lifetime.

a 5

Not that that kept the rich asshats from giving the peasants a pointy stick and a leather shirt and making them do most of the fighting.

a 6

I was never a fan of using horses for war. I hate it, but thanks for at least giving them some protection.

a 7

But hey, a well-trained war horse was expensive.

a 8

Okay, we are coming up to the fancy butts… gun butts.

a 9

A very few of these might be hunting weapons.

a 10

But you must admit, the craftsmanship is incredible.

a 11

And now, the fanciest butt of all…

a 12

I flintlock pistol with a face on the butt. I couldn’t help but think that, if you hit someone with that… pistol-whipped…  it would leave an impression… of that face.



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