A very simple way for the Republican party to do one good thing for the world and come down on the right side of history and humanity for once…

From now on, just insist that everyone attending your rallies has an updated vaccine card. That’s all. Just that one thing. You can still worship tRump. You can still believe in baby-eating, Satan-worshiping Democrats. You can still pass laws to make it harder for everybody else to vote, or for mentally ill people to be able to buy a bunker-full of automatic weapons. You can still claim that god loves you and only you, and that Zionist space lasers are starting forest fires.

But do this one thing. You know you have all had the vaccines. Just insist that your minions have them too, when they gather in huge numbers with their tiki torches and rebel flags, so we can end the pandemic and then you can move on with… uh… whatever the hell it is you are trying to do by making the rich richer and the poor poorer and the unregulated polluting of the planet.



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9 Responses to A very simple way for the Republican party to do one good thing for the world and come down on the right side of history and humanity for once…

  1. Jack Sutter says:

    Have you seen how many people are in prison for murder? I would beg to differ.

    • Well, your metaphor is backwards. Walking around coughing dangerous germs on people is more like getting people pregnant against their will. Also, republicans are the ones who are against birth control and sex education, so they get the blame for all the kids that grow up and kill someone. Ha!

      • Jack Sutter says:

        Wait, so now breathing is like rape? Lol you sure I’m the one who has his metaphors backwards? 😜👌

        • No, but breathing a potentially deadly virus on somebody with a compromised immune system might be considered murder though.

          • Jack Sutter says:

            Really? In California Democrats don’t even consider it to be criminal anymore to knowingly infect people with STDs. Not that I agree with that, and it’s not that I’m assuming you do. I’m just pointing out the double standard in a general sense, not sure if you’re guilty of it. But I will say, it’s like holding someone accountable and calling them a murderer if they happen to have the flu and infect someone that dies from it. Do we do that? Do we do it with any other disease? Rhetorical question oh, we both know the answer.

            • State laws don’t work by one political party believing something, or we would all have bunkers full of machineguns, air we couldn’t breathe and water we can’t drink. If you have the flu, you are supposed to stay away from people. That is what decent people do. We don’t let people drive drunk either.

  2. Jack Sutter says:

    So… My body my choice doesn’t apply to this? And if you say it’s different, not really, if a woman has a kid that kid is going to affect that woman’s life, plus the lives of everyone surrounding her. Same as covid.

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