New York City… day 2… part 10… Is it racist if a white guy puts on white face?

a 1

No, I am just kidding. After the end of the second day of our 3-and-a-half-day trip to New York, I somehow let my daughter talk me into giving me a facial.

a 2

It took longer than I expected.

a 3

First, I had to scrub my face with a brush that was supposed to spin by itself, but the battery was dead, so I had to do the swirls myself.

a 4

Then, I had to open my pores with a hot, wet towel.

a 5

I had to let that layer dry on my face, which was okay, because my feet hurt. I think there was a green layer that went on at some point. My wife and son-in-law were playing video games. I was just trying to rest my feet.

a 6

I have to admit, it felt pretty good… until my daughter started peeling the dry mask off my face. I think I should have shaved first.

a 7

These photos are all from my phone, so the quality isn’t as good, but we did go up on the roof again, to look at the New York night. There is the Brooklyn Bridge again, to the right.

a 8

Manhattan, with my daughter, wife, and son in law silhouetted against the skyline.

a 9

They do have a pretty nice view.

a 10

Walking back to our hotel just a few blocks away, I got a photo of an old church.

a 11

And next to it, this old place, which seems out of place in Brooklyn.

a 12

My skin did feel extra soft for the next few days.

So there, you made it to the end of day 2.


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