More random photos from my long drive in a motor home to socially-distant visit my 97-year-old-mom in the San Francisco Bay Area, so we can wrap this thing up…

A turkey taking a walk.

A weird squirrel I met in the Berkeley Rose garden… what does he have in his mouth? It looks like the stuffing from a plush animal doll. Is he building a nest? Is he a crack squirrel? You gotta love the Bay Area.

The famous Berkeley Rose Garden. Not too exciting at the wrong time of year for roses, which is why I hand-sprayed fake dew from my little misting spray bottle on all the best roses just for you in those earlier posts.

The Rose Garden uses a misting system to mist its roses, and hence, the rainbow.

A little waterfall.

Baby redwoods gathered around their mommy.

I can still see you, you weird little squirrel.

You are weird, but adorable.

My mom, using one of her bird books to identify bird from the pictures I take with a telephoto lens and then enlarge for her, because she can’t see too well anymore… or hear…

I am standing far back, don’t worry.

I took that picture one night through the kitchen window as she ate dinner and I stood outside, alone…

I found this Halloween scene on one of my walks in my old neighborhood. Notice the plastic bag in the middle. Is that an anti-drug statement, or did somebody’s drugs fall out of their pocket while they were preparing for Halloween. Once again, you gotta love the Bay Area.

And the moon. Goodnight, moon

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