Pictures… of stuff… and things… and whatnot…

a 1

More photos I took at my job as a security guard in Southern California.

a 2

Once again, this is a mix of images from my real camera and my phone camera. I think the first half is the real camera. On the hummingbird, notice that you can’t see the red neck flash from the side…

a 3

But when she turns toward you, the sun reflects off the shiny feathers.

a 4

Tiny flowers.

a 5

Decorative landscaping with grasses.

a 7

Crows in a eucalyptus tree.

a 8

A lot of crows.

a 9

I love the telephoto lens.

a 10

And birds.

a 11


a 12

Speaking of birds, I spotted this scruffy little guy on a car as I pulled in to work in my car.

a 13

I think he is a juvenile seagull, still getting hes feathers in order.

a 14

You do not want a seagull to spend too much time on top of your car.

a 15

More sunsets.

a 16

Sunset through a peppercorn tree.

a 17

I do like a nice peppercorn tree.

a 18

And sunsets.



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4 Responses to Pictures… of stuff… and things… and whatnot…

  1. MomzillaNC says:

    Terrific compositions. Shame about the focus. Did you remember to set your camera for outdoor lighting? I forget to change that setting all the time between inside shots and outside shots.

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