Light moves… part 1…

a 2

I should have called this ‘workin’ on those light moves’, like a play on the song ‘Night Moves’. Obviously, these are just more of those photos I take where I use the long shutter opening in dim lighting to move the camera around while pointing at lights at varying distances, to see what I end up with.

a 3

I took all of these with my real camera when I brought it to work last weekend, to my job as a private security guard at a bio-pharm research lab.

a 4

I don’t get off work until midnight.

a 5

And I have to walk patrols around and through a few buildings, so I am outside a lot.

a 6

There are a lot of lights around, at various distances.

a 7

So I figured I would walk around, waving my camera in the air like an idiot.

a 8

I do try for different patterns.

a 9

Street lamp, or space ship from Mars?

a 10

I just like how I never know how long the shutter will stay open, so I have no way to know out how much wiggling I can do.

a 11

Okay, that one isn’t a flying saucer. That is just the plug on an electric car recharging post.

a 12

These aren’t as exciting as the ones I took when I was visiting my older daughter in New York City, but still…

a 13

I have about two more posts worth of these. I might save the best few and do some digital magic with them, but not before I get to the pictures I took at the beach last night.



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2 Responses to Light moves… part 1…

  1. MomzillaNC says:

    Light-painting is a very cool art form. I hope you’ll explore it in depth and share your results.

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