Mistakes are part of the journey…

a 1

I decided to share some of the worst photos I took when I was spraying water with a mister bottle onto spider webs, thereby making fake dew. It evolved, as my ideas tend to do, and the next thing I knew, it was night, and I was in my yard, spraying webs, and then holding a flashlight and then a laser pointer under the webs with one hand, while trying to snap pictures with the camera in my other hand.

a 2

I already shared the ones that worked. I really thought that if I wiggled the laser around, I would get some awesome effects.

a 3

I should have had someone hold the laser.

a 4

I just couldn’t hold the camera still enough, or focus correctly.

a 5

But these might be leading me closer to some great photos.

a 6

We will have to see.

a 7

I also learned not to use the flash. That just makes it worse.

a 8

Even during the day, I am still learning how to do this. Some combination of settings and lens will let me have more of the web in focus.

a 9

I mean, that is a perfectly nice picture. A little blurry. That is why I often resort to cropping to the focused parts, or, even better, doing digital magic to the photo…

a 9 copy

… and ending up with the very first perfectly symmetrical spider web.

a 10

The camera just doesn’t want to focus on small, clear drops of water or thin webs. It likes the background better.

a 11

Or sometimes, there is a dog hair in your photo.

a 12

Or that annoying spot, up near the top, which seems to be on an inside lens of my camera, because I can’t clean it off. I learned that I have to go to a camera shop and pay somebody to do it.


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