Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 6…

Okay, I have picked out ten photos to choose between as the main background for the novel cover art. The advantage with these photos is that I took them myself, so I don’t need to worry about stealing an image. The downside is that the photos, taken on the coast of Northern California, are a little foggy. But they might work. I will post the pictures here, now, and then add the foreground image of our soldier-princess in the next post, and we can figure out which is best, or if we need a brighter background, or whatever.

Don’t forget I am doing a wrap-around cover, so these backgrounds will extend from the front cover to the back.

b 1 copy

b 2 copy

b 3 copy

b 4 copy

b 5 copy

b 6 copy

b 7 copy

b 8 copy

b 9 copy

b 10 copy

That last one might be best. I love the mysterious blue color of the water in the foreground. Remember that I can always darken our princess when I add her in front of one of these backgrounds, to match the overcast sky. And I still might add some  black sailing ships to the image.

Another good thing is that the gray of the water and the sky will make the text on the cover stand out. Okay, back soon with some more mock-ups!

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6 Responses to Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 6…

  1. It’s a tough call. Photo number one looks the most otherworldly, but it might not work for a cover background. I like photo number ten the most, especially if you do the invading fleet thing in the distance.

  2. adamjasonp says:

    Out of these ten, I agree. 🙂

  3. I think the second one is my favorite for a wrap-around cover. It has a nice contrast of water and land on both halves.

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