Of love, snow and flowers… part 3…

a 1

Quality time with your kids is priceless. Especially if your kids are as sweet, kind, beautiful, funny and smart as mine are. A nice lady took that picture of Mollie and I… Mollie and me?

a 2

We stayed overnight in a cute little cabin in Big Bear, way up in the mountains over Los Angeles.a 3

It was ideal for us.

a 4

It was comfy and cozy, and had a kitchen. But it wasn’t so fancy… with a hot tub or anything… that would make you want to stay there every minute and not go out and play in the snow.

a 5

We each had our own room… although, I have to say that the pull-out bed in the couch was a little weird. My feet were much higher than my head.

a 6

We had some good bonding-relaxing time at the cabin.

a 7

Mollie did some yoga. And we meditated together. I have a new app on my phone just for that. We started a puzzle. We talked. We laughed. I love that kid.

a 8

The view from the deck was not too shabby.

a 9

And we were surrounded by snowy wilderness.

a 10

And let us not forget the flowers we saw on the way to the mountains.

a 11

The spectacular super-bloom from the heavier-than-usual Southern California rains this year.

a 12

That was a good two days.

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