A city by the bay, and a daughter by the bay, and some dogs by the bay, and some birds in the bay… part 1…

a 1 a

My younger daughter, Mollie, and I went down to that dog park by the bay yesterday. You know I do that when I miss my dogs back in San Diego. I cheat on them with other dogs.

a 1

It was a lovely day, and the view of San Francisco was phenomenal.

a 2

A cormorant, looking for dinner.

a 3

I couldn’t help taking a few photos of the water birds.

a 4

Is that a Coot?

a 5

I will just show these to my mom, and she will tell me what they all are.

a 6

She is that good with birds.

a 7

But this week isn’t all about birds.

a 8

It is about being in the Bay Area for Christmas.

a 9

Back in the place where I grew up.

a 10

Back in the place that I love the most.

a 11

With the people I love the most.

a 12

And dogs… it is always about dogs. This is Oso. I have more photos of him for later posts. He had the most awesome eyes, and he loved to be petted.

See you soon.

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