Some birds, and me and a dog…

a 1

A Golden Crowned Sparrow.

a 2

I have a few pictures of them.

a 3

I say ‘them’… these were taken over two days, and I assume it isn’t all the same bird.

a 4

But I could be wrong.

a 5

But that is a pretty good shot of his golden crown.

a 6

I will now intersperse some pictures of a turkey vulture, who, technically isn’t in my mom’s garden, so much as he is flying far above it. So he doesn’t count for the game my mom and I play where I take photos of birds in her yard and we look at them together.

a 7

Once again, at the age of 95, she can’t see the birds as well as she used to.

a 8

So she loves these zoomed-in shots.

a 9

I crop away all of the photo except for the bird in each one.

a 10

It is just a thing we do.

a 11

Bird watching in the digital age.

a 12

High tech bird watching.

a 13

A hungry Towhee.

a 14

And an adorable Titmouse.

a 15

And just a couple more photos, taken by one of my daughters, at my friend’s house.

a 16

Dutch, the chocolate lab, snuggling with me while gnawing on his bone. He lay down on my arm.


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2 Responses to Some birds, and me and a dog…

  1. At first glance it looks as if he’s gnawing on your arm

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