My Yosemite adventure… part 7… how I ended up spending the night there, where I stayed, and how I used my extra time taking even more photos for you!!!

a 1

When I was up in the Bay Area visiting my mom for her 95th birthday, I wasn’t actually planning on a trip to Yosemite. And when I did decide to go, it was just a spontaneous idea for a day trip. Then my wife called while I was in the park. Since the place was deserted because of all the fires burning around it, she suggested I stay an extra day.

a 2

I looked around. I wasn’t going to pay hundreds of dollars for luxury accommodations. I was only going to get up early to take some sunrise pictures and poke around a little more. I ended up staying here, in the housekeeper cabins. Low cost… for Yosemite, I mean. This is where all the young people who work cleaning out the other cabins on their summer breaks stay.

a 3

Luxurious… no.

a 4

But this was the view from my front door… or canvas flap.

a 5

If I zoom in, you can see my almost-private beach by the river.

a 6

Oh yeah.

a 7

And there is the squishy mud. I think I already posted a picture of my size-fifteen feet as I sunk my toes into that gooey deliciousness.

a 8

Seriously, a white sand beach.

a 9

And here is a view from the same beach that evening, right after I saw that crazy bear… for the first time. Half Dome is glowing in the setting sun.

a 10

And the best thing about staying over was that, instead of a long drive in the dark, I had a chance to see that bear again. And got to spend another half day roaming around.

a 11

And I got to see the sunrise over the park.

a 12

And take more photos of the same views, but with different lighting. El Captitan looked majestic in the early morning.

a 13

And the park was even more deserted that early in the morning.

a 14

Nobody else was up yet.

a 15

It was amazing.

a 16

The sun, still trying to get above the cliffs.

a 17

The stillness was overwhelming.

a 18

I felt very in touch with nature.

a 19

And I got to not only see the bear again, but get almost close enough to pet those deer that I already showed you in an earlier post.

a 20

Okay, see you soon.

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