For the birds… part 1…

a 1

My mom is a bird watcher. While I was visiting her for her 95th birthday, we spent some quality time together watching the birds in her garden. That is a Hummingbird.

a 2

It turned into a game, to see how many really good photos of birds I could get. That is a Nuthatch.

a 3

I have three posts of photos. They aren’t all of different birds. There are repeats. It was only two weeks, and these are the birds that were in that part of the Bay Area at that time of year. I think that is a Rufus Sided Towhee, also known as the Spotted Towhee.

a 4

A young Chickadee.

a 5

I just wanted to see, if I sat very still in the garden with my telephoto lens, if I could get some excellent bird photos, like this one, of a young Scrub Jay.

a 6

My mom sat with me occasionally.  The smoke in the air from all the fires was giving her a cough, so she often sat inside, watching out the kitchen windows with her binoculars.

a 7

I also ran down to the store to get some bird food for the feeder. There are two young Finches, chowing down.

a 8

The Finch on the right turned his head, and his buddy was replaced with this little yellow bird, that even my mom could not identify. It might be another kind of Finch.

a 9

I like this photo. The one Finch is waiting his turn. His friends are watching him. But his wings are flapping so fast, they look almost invisible, and the other two birds seem to be amazed by how he is just levitating.

a 10

A Towhee… and a grapefruit.

a 11

I think the Nuthatches are adorable little birds.

a 12

A Finch fluffing herself up for a preening.

a 13

Just for some context, there is the chair I would sit in. The challenge was to only take the bird photos from that one spot. I was pretty close to the birds, and had to move slowly to keep from scaring them. But after a few days, a lot of them just ignored me. Birds are a lot like people in that way.

a 14

That is the view standing behind the chair.

a 15

And that is my mom’s garden.

a 16

A Towhee checking out the… uh… garden monkeys?

a 17

He does not seem impressed.

a 18

A Titmouse. These are cute, tiny birds. They have little crests on their heads, but I don’t know if I ever got a good photo of one with the crest raised.

a 19

Okay, I might do the next bird post with no words. So I hope you read the words in this post.

a 20

See you later!




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4 Responses to For the birds… part 1…

  1. Elyse says:

    Birds are hard to capture! The yellow bird might be a goldfinch. They get more yellow in the spring, but the females stay fairly neutral.

  2. I’m back! Also I am greatly impressed with your knowledge of all these bird names. Great photos, I look forward to getting back into blogging with you on my feed.

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