Raccoons and squirrels and wasps, oh my!!!

a 1

Well, I am back in San Diego from visiting my mom in the Bay Area for her 95th birthday. But I still have a lot of photos from my trip to share.

a 2

I caught a raccoon stealing the cat food again. I love the way their eyes turn orange in the flash.

a 3

Wait, now his eyes are green.

a 4

Okay, that’s better.

a 6

I got a few shots of this squirrel eating birdseed that the birds tossed on the ground. I have a lot of good bird pictures too, so wait for that.

a 7

No, this is not one of the crack squirrels that live inside my head.

a 8

He was much too calm to be one of them.

a 9

While I was sitting in my mom’s garden waiting for birds to show up for their photo shoots, I tried to use the telephoto lens to take some pictures of the wasps.

a 10

They aren’t great photos.

a 11

But these little suckers move fast.

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