Hey, I bet nobody else you know got up at four this morning and drove for miles just to walk out onto the Golden Gate Bridge to get you some photos… the final chapter…

a 1

Well, this will wrap up my little San Francisco adventure series of posts. Which is good, because in a few hours I am leaving my mom’s house to drive back to San Diego… and reality. So what better place to deny reality for a few more moments than this place…

a 2

Yes, after the beach cleanup, Big Johnny, William and Eva and I drove over to Haight Ashbury, where people denied reality for most of the 1960’s and 1970’s. We had Asian Fusion food.

a 3

I gave Willie his birthday presents. I think he liked them.

a 4

I think we all liked them.

a 5

Some of you may remember this part of San Francisco from another visit to the Bay Area, where I went with the same people to a 1960’s-themed art exhibit, and then, Big Johnny and I went on an epic bar crawl in this very neighborhood.

a 6

‘The Haight’, as the cool locals call it, is a little touristy now.

a 7

And yet it still retains some of its unique character.

a 8

And nowhere does unique character better than the Bay Area.

a 9

Just sayin’.

a 11

Once again, I will be missing this part of the world. My time draws near.

a 12

A long boring drive through the Central Valley, LA traffic… back to my job and chores.

a 13

I will be back at Christmas.

a 14

And there is always my mom’s 96th birthday, next year.

a 15

Okay, see you soon, little godson Willie!

a 16

Oh… right… yes, and your parents too.

a 17

I actually went back to my mom’s house a different way, crossing the Golden Gate bridge,  and swinging around towards the Richmond bridge instead of taking the Oakland Bay bridge back. I knew you wanted one more view of the bridge. Ha!

a 18

Look, it’s Alcatraz, and the Oakland Bay bridge way beyond it. I see blue skies. The weird mix of fog, cloud and smoke from all the wildfires finally parted. And don’t be sad. I still have a bunch of Yosemite pictures to post after I get home. Also, some animal photos, and some pretty good sunset shots.

a 19

And then we can get back to… whatever it is I usually do around here. Bye, San Francisco!

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