Hey, I bet nobody else you know got up at four this morning and drove for miles just to walk out onto the Golden Gate Bridge to get you some photos… part 3… in which I run into a horse’s asshole that looks strangely familiar, and come face to face with some lion nuts…

a 1

Okay, I am back to posting the photos of my recent San Francisco adventure in chronological order, just for a change. We have seen the sunrise from the middle of the bridge, if you can call it a sunrise, being hidden behind those masses of fog and cloud mixed with the smoke of all the fires burning in California.

a 2

These first two were taken from the Presidio, which you might remember from the last post, if you are actually following along with the story. So this is inside the mouth of the bay, on the South, or San Francisco end of the bridge.

a 3

Driving West- and remembering that, somewhere in this order of the pictures, I have already posted all the military history-themed images for the last post, which hopefully, you read- I am now just on the seaward side of the bridge. That means I am outside the mouth of the bay.

a 4

I know, nobody needs to see this many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I stopped at all the good views, so stop complaining. You didn’t have to do all the driving, or get up obscenely early.

a 6


You’re welcome. And look, no bridge in that one at all. Just pelicans, going to work. And Land’s End beyond them, where the coast curves away to the South, the actual ‘mouth’ of the bay. I guess that makes the narrow part under the bridge the ‘throat’?

a 7

Hurry up birds, you are going to be late.

a 8

Okay, even I am starting to get sick of pictures of the bridge now.

a 10

Wait. That isn’t the bridge. Although it does look like the same kind of steel beams used to make it, and it is the color of the bridge when it is freshly painted. Oh, right, there is a museum of art around here somewhere.

a 11

Ha. I snuck another bridge picture in there. Oh come on, you can barely see it.

a 12

I do love a tree draped with Spanish Moss.

a 13

We must be getting close to the art museum. And no, that isn’t a knight attacking a giant lion. The other statue is further away. It is a trick of perspective.

a 14

See, I told you. It is at least life-sized. Oh, and look, his sword is broken off at the hilt. That can’t be a metaphor for anything, not the way things are going in the world.

a 15

See, I told you there was an art museum around here!

a 16

‘The Thinker’… behind bars… now that is a metaphor for the way things are going!

a 17

And there is another statue… wait a minute… is that ‘El Cid’??? Is that an exact copy of the statue we have in San Diego in Balboa park? Only one way to be sure…

a 18

Yup. I would recognize that metal donut-shaped sphincter anywhere! Be glad for the smoke and the bad lighting it provided. Trust me, you don’t need this photo to be any more clear.

a 19

Anyway, time to move along… wait… there is another of the stone lion statues nearby, because they are flanking the walkway to the museum…

a 20

I need to check something… hold on a minute…

a 21

I knew it! Nestled between his rump and his tail, in all their glory- lion nuts. Feline testicles of impressive size. What is it with statue carvers and their fixation with anatomical correctness?

a 22

Okay, we are nearing the part of this adventure where I explain the main reason I had to come to San Francisco today. Or maybe another Yosemite post. Who knows?



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