I totally cheated on these flower photos: here is how you dew it…

a 1

Lovely, a dew-kissed flower in my mom’s garden.

a 2

The dew makes the pictures come alive.

a 3

Yeah, that isn’t dew. You, too, can do the dew. It is just water in a small spray bottle.

a 4

That little bottle is going in my camera bag.

a 5

These are just flowers that happen to be growing right outside the door of where I am now.

a 6

And only a few were out in the sunlight.

a 7

If you can call it sunlight with all the smoke from the fires in the air.

a 8

So, these are not the best flowers, in less than optimal lighting, and they still look pretty good, right?

a 9

Wait until I am back in San Diego.

a 10

I am going to turn into a world-class flower spritzer.

a 11

Maybe I will go to the orchid pavilion in Balboa park, and moisten some exotic blooms. I wonder if they have rules against that.

a 12

That would be an embarrassing thing to get arrested for… illegal plant watering… watering a flower at the wrong end… horticulture without permission of the owner… assault with drippy weapon?

a 13

So, I was going to do a post of some of the photos of wildlife that I took on my Yosemite adventure in the morning, but I am getting up for a new adventure. I am going over to San Francisco. I might get up early enough to watch the sun rise somewhere interesting. So, see you soon.


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2 Responses to I totally cheated on these flower photos: here is how you dew it…

  1. List of X says:

    If you ever get arrested, say you’re doing wildfire prevention by spraying plants with water.

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