Flowers and love and stuff…

a 1

Back in the Bay Area, back in the house where I grew up, back in the backyard where I played as a child.

a 2

I know, every time I come back, I do posts about the backyard. I love the backyard.

a 3

My mom, who just turned 95, catching some rays.

a 4

Crows in the top of the redwood tree across the street, looking enviously into the backyard.

a 5

It isn’t the biggest backyard there ever was.

a 6

But it seemed huge when I was little. Endless summer days, playing with my brothers or my best friends.

a 7

The flowers are different now. New things have been planted over the years.

a 8

But it is a timeless place.

a 9

My father’s ashes are scattered back here. He grows in the flowers and trees.

a 10

There are little secluded spots of dappled sun and shade.

a 11

Places, like under the spreading canopy of the old plum tree, where you can go to be alone.

a 12

Honeysuckle and sunshine.

a 13

Shades of color, shades of the past.

a 14

The clean, pure innocence of youth.

a 15

My kids also played here when they were little.  Now, they come back and plant new flowers.


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4 Responses to Flowers and love and stuff…

  1. It certainly looks like a huge back yard! It reminds me of the back yard of my paternal grandmother’s home in North Dallas. The house was built by my paternal grandfather in 1957 and sat on a plot of land just a little more than half an acre. My grandmother was a true botanist; she had numerous flowers and other plants throughout the area. She could plant a broom stick into the ground, and it would grow into something nice.

    My father acquired that proverbial green thumb from her and really worked on the shrubbery around our house. Now that he’s gone, I want to rejuvenate all of that in his memory.

    Beautiful photos, Art!

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