A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… the final chapter…

a 1

This is it! The last of the photos from the Berkeley Rose Garden and of the sunset from Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.

a 2

Rare roses that might exist in only one or two other places in the world.

a 3

A rare city that definitely only exists in one place in the world.

a 4

The colors of roses.

a 5

The colors of the sky.

a 6

Man can alter nature.

a 7

And he can seek to protect himself from it.

a 8

He can change a rose so much that it almost doesn’t look like a rose anymore.

a 9

And he can cover over a place where once flowers grew.

a 10

I’m not sure where I am going with this exactly. I didn’t mean for it to get so heavy.

a 11

I’m visiting my mom. She doesn’t even have cable TV, so I am pretty insulated from things right now, but some news has leaked through into my isolation, and I guess it is working on my mood.

a 12

I sort of want to get back home, so I can start posting about real issues again… but I need this time away from it… for roses… and sunsets.

a 13

And a city by a bay.


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3 Responses to A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… the final chapter…

  1. Photos of flowers, sunsets and San Francisco Bay are never boring to me!

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