A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… part 4…

a 1

I should have used that photo for a caption contest post:


But I can see how you might be confused about how raccoons fit into this series of posts. I was confused too.

a 2

The last thing I expected to see on Treasure Island, where I went to take some photos of the sunset and the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, were a bunch of raccoons. It is an island, connected to San Francisco and Oakland only by a big bridge.

a 3

But there were so many raccoons that someone threw away a perfectly good one. Ha!

a 4

Okay, that might explain why there are so many… but still… she had to get there somehow.

a 5

I am just trying to finish up these pictures from two days ago so we can move on to the dozens of photos I took on my adventure yesterday.

a 6

I am falling behind.

a 7

It was a little weird taking these pictures while a bunch of raccoons were scrambling all around me.

a 8

They look cute, but they are wild animals, and can be quite vicious.

a 9

So anyway, enjoy the pictures.

a 10

I suppose it doesn’t matter if you follow along with the story or not.

a 11

But I like the stories.

a 12

I turned around from the view of the city to take a shot of the newly-rebuilt Eastern half of the Oakland Bay Bridge. That bridge, and two others, will play a big part in my adventure of yesterday… which were still tomorrow… when I took these… if you see what I mean.

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