A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… part 3…

a 1

What is this all about?

a 2

What do these things have in common?

a 3

Is that the Golden Gate Bridge way over there?

a 4

How do these things tie together?

a 5

How did you get photos of San Francisco from this angle?

a 6

Why are these roses exceptionally beautiful?

a 7

Why did they build a prison on a small island?

a 8

Where can I go to smell these roses?

a 9

Why are people sailing when it is almost dark?

a 10

Why are we asking all these questions?

a 11

When is this post going to be over?

a 12

And what the heck is that raccoon doing here?

Some of these questions can be answered by reading the earlier posts in this series. The raccoon one I will answer in the next post. I have no idea why people want to sail in the dark. And the Alcatraz one, you could Google that… I assume it seemed like a good place to keep prisoners, what with being surrounded by cold water full of dangerous currents and Great White Sharks.


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1 Response to A rose garden, a sunset, and a city by a bay… part 3…

  1. loving this post! amazing photo indeed! Please do check up my latest post as well http://wp.me/p6Mshg-2vj 🌸

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